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The Dragon's Head Blog: A warm welcome to our international family at the International Program in Bayswater

At the ten day program at the National Centre in Bayswater, Australia, we welcome members of our extended tai chi family attending from the UK, Canada and New Zealand. This is a little snippet of their stay experience which we are delighted they shared with us.

“The warm welcoming wave of the Australian Society smoothed the flow of the workshops, and the participants’ generosity in their tai chi was also shining through in their social interactions, which made me feel a member of the family. Loquats and Lok Hup, the cherry on the sundae, to make my stay memorable. By the way, I finally started to feel my spine, what a great bonus that is.”
Geneviève, Montréal, Canada

“The chance to attend Lok Hup and tai chi workshops for 10 days was too good to miss. The Australian National Centre is so welcoming it feels like staying with family. I am learning so much about the Society and my practice.”
Kitty, New Zealand

“Having been invited to travel half way around the world to attend a ten day program in Bayswater Australia including Lok Hup, I was moved by the welcome I received from the Society and the members. The Lok Hup instructions were clear and easy to follow, as they are also with the International Tai Chi workshop. The food to sustain us has been excellent!”
Graham, Great Britain

“Years ago I used my inheritance for a ‘once in a life time’ trip to Australia -– a place my mother had wanted to visit. Members made me so welcome at workshops and classes that nearly 5 years later I’m back. We are so lucky to belong to this wonderful family, tai chi has made significant changes to my mobility but also given me amazing friends and many happy memories.”
Sylvia, Great Britain

We still have a few days to go and can’t wait for the next time we get to spend with our International family.

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