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The Dragon's Head Blog: Transformation and Training

The focusing theme for the annual New Zealand Instructor Training Weekend was transformation. The weekend, attended by  more than 90 per cent of instructors, was important for instructors to come together and reflect and transform the way we do our Taoist Tai Chi™ practice and most importantly, ask ourselves, how does  it feel. 

One participant said she “found the connection from her feet all the way to her finger tips when challenging herself to expand further”.

Another said: “It feels like I’m actually doing Tai Chi when you go slowly and use the spine.”

A  highlight of the weekend where people felt their Taoist Tai Chi™ practice transform, was  chanting, followed by a set. People found that their body was more relaxed and their subconscious brain took over and they were able to just ‘do’ Tai Chi —  with many reporting feelings of  calmness and peace. 

We were treated to a lovely wine and cheese evening  to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of Taoist Tai Chi™ arts as well as 30 years in New Zealand.

As a young instructor, it is very humbling to be in the presence of such an amazing bunch of people and witness the transformations made from a weekend of Taoist Tai Chi™ practice with like-minded people.

With a repeated saying for the weekend, here’s to another 50 years. 


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