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The Dragon's Head Blog: The best out of the worst

During the first months of self-practice, I was practicing very high Don-Yus. This allowed me to relax a lot the cervical and lumbar area. By spending so many hours working in front of the computer, they were parts of the body very vulnerable to pain. I managed to incorporate the 50 Don-Yus into my daily practice, they suit me very well. They take away much of the muscle stiffness with which I get up. After practicing them I feel less pain and relaxed. I have also noticed that my circulatory system has improved, I have less heaviness in my legs.

Practicing the arm foundations daily has prevented me from having continuous contractures (something that happened to me quite frequently), avoiding not only pain, but also the sensation of vertigo. The pain in my right shoulder in which I have calcific tendonitis has also decreased.

In the foundations I feel a great expansion accompanied by a gentle, but powerful stretch throughout my body.

On a psychological, mental, emotional and spiritual level it has helped me and helps me to:

Lower my level of anxiety and distress, not anchoring myself in worry, but letting go.

Free myself from the feeling that was invading me like claustrophobia (with the lock-down, I went from being away from home most of the day to not being able to go out for weeks).

Balancing my emotions makes me have a clearer mind that allows, among other things, to do my work better.

Trust myself more. I feel stronger.

Be more aware of how important self-care is, and how this reverts to others.

Develop a greater capacity for empathy, generosity, attention and observation not only with myself, but also with what is outside.

My family relationships have strengthened.

Isabel, Madrid, Spain

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