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The Dragon's Head Blog: Short Course Inspiration in Bayswater, Australia




High Shrine in Bayswater


Moving in Harmony


On the weekend of the 17th and 18th of March sixty-five members gathered to experience a short course at the national centre in Bayswater. Working together from commencement of tai chi to wave hands like clouds, the first afternoon passed quickly. Besides 41 newcomers there were another 20 members with less than 2 years’ experience, and everyone moved in harmony from the beginning. Working on large chunks of the set using the 3-3-3 method and few words, we learned to follow each other and trust. There was also an introduction to the shrine in our practice after the tea break on Saturday. On the second day we moved through the rest of the set. The introduction to the society and how we do things continued through the lunch break with more experienced members seated at each table demonstrating how we serve each other tea when we eat together.  Everyone worked together to wash the dishes and clear away before the workshop resumed and we thanked the many volunteers for looking after us with loud applause. At the end of the afternoon we completed the set together. Newcomers and old-timers alike found the weekend inspirational.


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