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Blog: The Dragon's Head

Taichiathon in Costa Rica 0

Taichiathon in Costa Rica

The last Thursday of 2016 a group of Costa Rican participants came together for an activity we had not organised before.   Inspired by the example of the Taoist Tai […]
Snow Shoveling Party in Portland, Oregon 0

Snow Shoveling Party in Portland, Oregon

A sudden and unexpected snowstorm of historic proportions hit Portland, Oregon the night of 1/10/17, immobilizing the city and closing the branch for 2 days.  On Friday the branch issued […]
Christmas Party in Costa Rica 1

Christmas Party in Costa Rica

There is nothing more rewarding during the holiday season than giving back to those in need. Our Christmas party focuses on just that: working together to plan, prepare, donate and […]
Season’s Greetings from NZ 0

Season’s Greetings from NZ

  A group from the Bay of Plenty Branch go down to the beach by Kulim Park, BBQ, a set, some dessert and time for some fun on the water.  […]
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