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The Dragon's Head Blog: Fung Loy Kok at Religious Freedom Symposium in Costa Rica

On Friday, June 9th, 2017 we were able to attend an international symposium about the challenges of religious freedom in Costa Rica, following a formal invitation by the parliament.

Several representatives of different religions, including Catholicism, Christianism, Judaism, Mormonism, Baha’i Faith, Islam, Buddhism and also two members of the Taoist Tai Chi Society representing Taoism attended. It is very important to communicate to the members and non-members who we are and what we do, and in that regard to explain that everyone is welcome to practice the Taoist Arts for spiritual growth, improvement of health and a focusing on helping others.

Throughout the day there were speeches held by international guests such as university professors and pastors, also politicians, and special guests such as the current ombudswoman, the President of Costa Rican parliament and the closing act was held by Costa Rica’s President Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera.

Meeting the different guests and interacting with representatives of different religions and cultures was a very enriching experience, not only because it allowed us to portray the Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism as a very inclusive organisation, but also demystifying many preconceptions that some of the people had. This allowed us to participate in a platform to make connections and help the organization grow stronger to the benefit of our community.



P. S.  We even got to shake hands with our country’s President!

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