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The Dragon's Head Blog: Chanting messages

I would like to say a big “thank you” for the Chanting sessions on Zoom. 

My Tai Chi journey started in October 2018 when I went along to my first beginners class. I found it challenging to maintain my practice since the classes were paused.  I have had the time to be able to reflect on my reasons for this and there have been moments of revelation, on both a physical and self-awareness/spiritual level. I feel grateful that this period of global upheaval has granted me these gifts.

The first Chanting Zoom session I joined was on Saturday 13th. It was so lovely to feel connected to members from across the world. I enjoyed attempting to participate in the Chanting and appreciate hearing people’s stories and learning more about the Society. I am thankful that I was able to attend the Monday session as well. I found it to be a very powerful experience and would love to see this being able to continue as we all start to emerge from these unusual times. Ruth


I had only tried chanting once before in a workshop and was quite nervous about it as I can’t sing. The international and national sessions have been really good because I have been able to practice without anyone hearing me and have gained a little confidence as I have improved. There is a good feeling about chanting with so many other people and I look forward to the sessions. When things return to normal, whenever that might be, I would certainly take part in chanting at a workshop. I did a set immediately after the chanting today and was surprised at how relaxed I felt. Sarah


I’ve found the chanting leaves me lighter at the end of each session.

The talks have been great and it is really comforting to hear familiar voices, even though they are thousands of miles away. It is also very thought provoking and I think it will help us all to move forward in our understanding and training. 

It has brought us together in a way we could not have envisaged a few months ago. Nick


I’ve just come off the Monday morning chanting and wanted to thank everyone. I’ve never really taken part in much chanting before and it was a couple of weeks before I joined the Saturday international sessions. I’ve found it both uplifting and liberating. I can belt out the chant without fear of putting off the person in front with my tunelessness and mispronunciation. Consequently, I’m becoming more familiar with the different chants.

The talks afterwards!…..Well, how lucky are we?! All the international instructors sharing their knowledge and experiences with us. It’s like being on a retreat each week. It has really helped me as a Branch Chair to answer people’s questions and I’m trying to encourage as many as I can to join the chanting.

And now the Monday morning sessions as well. What a wonderful feeling of togetherness! How lovely to see the faces of friends who live so far away. 

 I fear I might be sounding a bit sentimental but I have a whoosh of feeling for the Taoist Tai Chi family I’m missing.
The other consequence of these sessions is that I immediately want to go and practise, so I’m off to practise my danyus. Fran 


Just finished chanting on Saturday. That was one of my deepest experiences. I tingled all through my body. I feel I might never lose the smile it has brought to my face. The last time I felt like this was an early morning chant at Orangeville in the small wooden temple. Thankyou Thankyou. Cheryl


Thank you for making chanting available through Zoom. I’m appreciative of the chance to chant with others which is not normally available locally.  Look forward to next Monday and hearing from the National Board. Pat


Thank you everyone, very uplifting, and joyous to connect with others. Carolyn


I’ve been able to join the Saturday chants from the very beginning but I have only managed to join one previous Monday chant on the Bank Holiday, as I work Monday to Friday.

However, I decided to take today off (Monday) and have a Taoist day which has started with the Foundation exercises and a set followed by the chanting with more Tai Chi, Meditation and Lok Hup Ba Fa planned throughout the day, and some tasks!

It was lovely to hear The Board’s reflection on Saturday’s talks and it certainly helped consolidate what I’d heard and offers a deeper understanding for us all. The slower pace chanting today was a lovely new experience and I felt particularly connected to everyone else who was chanting. The feeling of calmness and connectedness after these Chanting sessions is such a rare treat in these troubling times and the feeling of love and hope for a better time for the whole world is so powerful.

I wish you all well and good health and safety in these times and thank you once again. Janine

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  1. I really love the deeper understanding that is shared by the International Board. The Chanting is a great bonus! So lovely to share.

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