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Pain relief in isolation 0

Pain relief in isolation

Taoist Tai ChiTM arts – my saviour Being introduced to Tai Chi by a friend was the beginning of a very positive chapter of my life. Needing two hip replacements did not make it easy to exercise. However, with Tai Chi I found both a physical and mental improvement. The slow and intense movement helped me focus […]
Personal Practice – USA 1

Personal Practice – USA

This is a thank you for giving us such rich guidance during this time of self cultivation. The chanting sessions on Sat. mornings are such an opportunity for coming together with common purpose and the discussions have opened up much more about taoism than I had ever imagined. This in turn has been very helpful in […]
Opportunity in Crisis 3

Opportunity in Crisis

During the early days of “Stay home, protect the NHS, Save lives” my feelings of concern, uncertainty and worry were quite strong (due to being categorized in a vulnerable group). However, I was very soon directed to the invitation to “do 50 dan yus a day for 50 days” which helped shift my focus and […]
Making the most of the isolation 3

Making the most of the isolation

I usually go in the garden and try to find a flat spot amidst the tussocks. I’m very careful to start in a good position, remembering how to stand and very important to be relaxed, body first and then quieting my mind. Sometimes I just stand and at others I do some foundations, again taking […]
Lions Restored at the International Center Florida 1

Lions Restored at the International Center Florida

Steve Spathelf, Dunedin’s famous orange artist, returns to the International Center Florida to undertake the restoration of the resident lions. These lions started their life as guardians at the entrance of the International Centre at Orangeville, Ontario, Canada, but after many severe winters they were relocated to sunny Florida. Now they await the opportunity to greet […]
Making room for practice 3

Making room for practice

  I use the different rooms in the house for my tai chi practice – The loft room… holding on the bannister I do snakes. Standing in front of large mirror in the bedroom… I can check on what I’m actually doing with the Tor Yus and the foundation exercises, interspersed with Dan Yus. The […]
You’ll never walk alone 0

You’ll never walk alone

  The first couple of months of 2020 had brought a number of difficult issues for close friends and family, all of whom  looked to me for physical and emotional support. Each one needed totally different skills and all together were a difficult mix. But, having discovered Taoist Tai Chi a couple of years ago, […]
Putting health first 1

Putting health first

Since  ‘chanting for the world’ on Saturday, I’ve been thinking about the new challenge of engaging consistently with my practice. I am lucky that I have space both inside and out, but I am limited by time. I definitely want to do some tai chi before the working day starts, but it keeps getting dropped. I […]
A Three Day Retreat in Isolation 3

A Three Day Retreat in Isolation

Cultivating self-discipline with Taoist Tai ChiTM arts Lockdown does not suit me, and after a few weeks of only leaving the house for a bit of exercise and shopping, I was beginning to feel like a caged tiger. Each day I was doing a Tai Chi set, the foundations, and the Dan Yu challenge, but […]
A beginner’s perspective on practicing alone 2

A beginner’s perspective on practicing alone

Scott started his Taoist Tai Chi journey with a beginners weekend last year. When classes were suspended earlier this year due to COVID-19,  he initially thought he was craving further instruction, and missing doing the set as part of a group. “Taoist Tai ChiTM arts have become a pretty big part of my life in […]
Straight to the goal! 0

Straight to the goal!

                          While we are all trying to deepen our personal practice and staying home, we were touched by the inspiring testimony of the members from the group “Five Fingers” (a group that has been practicing Taoist Tai Chi for three years), in Livorno, […]
Chanting at 2 am – ‘I was transported to another world’ 0

Chanting at 2 am – ‘I was transported to another world’

New Zealand has been in a strict lockdown for a month – some participants have shared photos and reflections on their Taoist Tai Chi practice during this time. “At 2.00 am on Sunday morning (New Zealand time) I was fortunate and honoured to tune into the chanting organised by Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism […]
Keep practicing. Stay strong. 2

Keep practicing. Stay strong.

  Sandy Cunningham, Dunedin, Florida Branch, is also a nurse at a very busy hospital, but found a brief moment to cultivate stillness.  She inspires us to keep practicing.  
Lantern Festival – International Centre 1

Lantern Festival – International Centre

Recently we were asked, “how can we take better care of the Taoist Tai Chi® arts?”   This year, as we celebrate our 50th Anniversary, there are opportunities to reflect on the uniqueness of our teachings. The International Centre in Canada, in the winter, offered a ‘quiet’ that seems harder to find in the bustle of everyday […]
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