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Finding quietness in Helmond 0

Finding quietness in Helmond

       During a 5-day International Workshop in Helmond, the Netherlands 164 people from 15 countries gathered to seek more quietness in the tor yu. ‘Gentle’, ‘softness’, ‘from the spine’, ‘balance’, ‘keep the connection’, are some of the words Jim Nicholson used to help us find a better understanding and feeling of the tor […]
‘High five’ in Helmond 0

‘High five’ in Helmond

A good ‘high five’ uses all five fingers and not three or four. This is what we discovered during the International Instructors Workshop in Helmond (9-13 September). It has a great effect on our tai chi. This and many others things were taught by Joé Thibault and Louis Blaquière who were leading the workshop. The […]
Seniors on the loose 0

Seniors on the loose

June 10, Helmond. The Seniors Committee of the Netherlands organized another fundraising activity called YUM CHA. A Chinese tradition of drinking tea in the morning or afternoon with dim sum. Prior to the dim sum workshop was a seniors intensive, a very good way to start up your day with donyu’s and toryu’s and  refining […]
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