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CIT Week
France @ CIT Week 0

France @ CIT Week

Aujourd’hui, l’association de tai chi taoïste de France participe avec 25 autres pays à la journée internationale de sensibilisation au tai chi taoïste. Cette journée, qui rassemble près d’un millier de participants, permet de présenter l’association Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi et ses activités. Tandis que certains participants démontrent l’enchaînement des 108 mouvements du […]
Aruba @ CIT Week 0

Aruba @ CIT Week

A group of five continuing instructors and four new members from Aruba joined the CIT week and Awareness Day parade this year. They came, learned, grew, developed and bonded together. They are now ready to continue to water the seeds of balance and transformation with a caring heart. – Margaret (Aruba)
Sweden @ CIT Week 0

Sweden @ CIT Week

Here we are leaving the Health Recovery Centre, the main building, outside Orangeville. People are excited and eager to get on the schoolbuses to go to this year’s International Awareness Day celebration in downtown Toronto.   Our volunteers help with crossing the road in a safe manner at Yonge-Dundas Square.   The dragons … what energy! […]
Australia @ CIT Week 0

Australia @ CIT Week

The atmosphere from the 576 participants is one of harmony, companionship and energy. We are enjoying the tasty meals provided and eaten outside in the beautiful Canadian summer. The kitchen people are doing a fantastic job! So far the workshop leaders have given us instructions in dan-yus and tor-yus, and we are working diligently in […]
Germany @ CIT Week 0

Germany @ CIT Week

When I see this amazingly beautiful quilt I think how perfectly it represents what CIT Week is to me: a big and colourful family reunion. People come from far away, are happy to see each other after a long time, and everyone brings something from home to share with everyone else.  — Steffi, Germany
Poland @ CIT Week 0

Poland @ CIT Week

Thank you Master Moy for sharing with us this very rich art and for giving us this amazing płace, the Quiet Cultivation Centre, where all 600 of us can experience happiness by improving our balance,  dropping and expansion,  Just like the frog that lives in a wonderful nook in the garden of the Temple. – […]
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