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International Centre Orangeville
Poland @ CIT Week 0

Poland @ CIT Week

Thank you Master Moy for sharing with us this very rich art and for giving us this amazing płace, the Quiet Cultivation Centre, where all 600 of us can experience happiness by improving our balance,  dropping and expansion,  Just like the frog that lives in a wonderful nook in the garden of the Temple. – […]
Slovakia @ CIT Week 0

Slovakia @ CIT Week

Balance, drop, smile, eyes level – these were the most used words during the 1st day of CIT week. 573 participants from around the world gathered to work together not only on 108 movements. Excellent beginning was provided with inspiring discussions which make as think about our transformations and tremendous buns baked with the same […]
Forty-three Americans Attend Summer Tai Chi Week in Orangeville 0

Forty-three Americans Attend Summer Tai Chi Week in Orangeville

  One hundred and eighty-one participants took part in this year’s summer tai chi week at the International Center in Orangeville.  Forty-three of them were Americans. Every region in America was represented. Many met before one of the morning sessions for a group photo. Tony Kwong, our workshop leader, and Karen Laughlin, International President, joined us. […]
Semaine dété – Orangeville 2016 0

Semaine dété – Orangeville 2016

C’est ma première visite à Orangeville pour un atelier de cinq jours : «J’ai été impressionnée par l’organisation physique de la Société. Ici, les gens sont amicaux. Ils s’entraident. Il y a une ouverture par rapport aux autres. J’ai été émerveillée de voir Tony faire les mouvements. Il est à l’intérieur de lui-même. J’aime beaucoup observer […]
Summer days are here again 0

Summer days are here again

Summer Tai Chi week kicked off on June 29  with a great start.  The five-day workshop began at the International Centre Orangeville on a beautiful summer day, with 184 participants supported by 18 volunteers. On day one, participants received instruction from Tony Kwong on tory-us and dany-us. Following the instructions, participants took part in 24 […]
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