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Blog: The Dragon's Head: ‘A Gift That Flows Through Me’

Luana Goodwin has told the Tallahassee Democrat how her Taoist Tai Chi® arts story is long, complicated, and difficult because it’s been a journey not only of physical changes but emotional discovery as well. Diagnosed years ago with panic attacks, Laura  says that now she is pushing through the fear to tell her story.

“It’s hard to talk about, taming the mind, but I’ll take fear over panic any day and I’m grateful to Master Moy Lin Shin and to my teachers, his students, for their patience in supporting me as I try to push beyond the limits I put on myself. Taoist Tai Chi [® practice] feels like a gift I continue to be given. When I teach others and they tell me how much better they feel, it feels like a gift that flows through me.”


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